Studio North VI

studio-north-16Summer 2016, Norwich VT

This year’s Studio North project is a “viewing structure” that can be moved about on a trailer and focused on a specific vista much like a camera.  Different from a camera the structure is built so that it can be inhabited – giving a respite from the elements.

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To apply to Studio North 2017:

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Half Glass House

design-new-england_social-hubSummer 2016

The Half Glass House was featured as the cover story of Design New England.

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AIA New York State

aia-new-york-stateSummer 2016, Albany, NY

Keith Moskow FAIA served on the design review awards jury for AIA New York.  Over                                                                                       a two day period, 312 projects were                                                                                                     reviewed with 27 receiving honors.

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Hillside Center for Sustainable Living

hillsideSummer 2016, Newburyport MA

Hillside Center for Sustainable Living received zoning approval from the town of Newburyport.  The project includes forty eight housing units in eight residential buildings, a commercial greenhouse, barn, community building, three acres of edible landscapes and YWCA lodging house all on a five acre site.  The project is designed to provide a net-positive living experience.

Link to project website:

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The White House

white-house-3-cambridge-ma_interiorSpring 2016, Cambridge, MA

Robert Linn AIA home was featured in the April issue of Custom Home Magazine.

 Link to Article

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The Thousand Watch Project goes to the Smithsonian

the-thousand-watch-project-goes-to-the-smithsonian-museum-1Spring 2016

The Smithsonian Museum accepted The Thousand Watch Project as part of their permanent collection.  Handlers transported the watches, epitaphs, letters and packaging material to their headquarters Washington DC.  Thanks to all who contributed.  Exhibit of the collection is scheduled Summer of 2017.

Link to The Thousand Watch Project:

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taliesin-school-of-architectureFall 2015, Spring Green Wisconsin

Keith Moskow FAIA lectured to the Taliesin student body on Moskow Linn’s urban and rural interventions.

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